NEW! Introducing this 2006 a photogallery called Redbud's Classics which will feature photos submitted by fans, teams, drivers, tracks, of photos from the past to "Keeping The Old Alive" is the motto for this gallery. I have had several request and with the help of a racer & fan, Howard, we were able to begin this for the new year. Enjoy, and have fun viewing. To add pictures send them to me in email or snail mail with a self stamped & addressed envelope to return the photos to you.

I was brought up in racing as my father raced in the 50’s, 60’s, and early 70’s. After my father stopped racing, I was more in the hunt of deciding my future, and just got out of racing for a while. After I was divorced (yeah!) I moved to another house in Delmar, DE, and it was about a mile and a half from the speedway. So as time went on, I starting hearing the cars from my house on the track Saturday nights. It just brought back all these good feelings I had in my childhood at the track. None the less, I was drawn back in and suffer from withdrawals if not fed weekly. I live, eat, and breathe racing, what else is there? MMMMM!! Let me see? There’s sex! Well that is another subject and we won’t go there. I never had been into NASCAR until the 1990-91. I began to go back to the Delaware International Speedway about the same time, every Saturday night. Needless the say, I fell even harder for racing than ever before in my life, and that’s where I stand now. My friends finally stopped asking me out on Saturday nights because they knew I would be at the track, unless it rains I tell them. And none us want to be rained out.

In 2003, I started to show off what our drivers have to offer to racing. I decided to make a web page with information I find useful, with comments, articles, news, some great web sites, and my home tracks results each week. My home track is the Delaware International Speedway (DIS) in Delaware and I will have results along with the inside pit scoop. Visit my web page at Take some time and check out my articles, I think you will like them. I hope to have input from drivers, crews, and fans, for this web site and for everyone to feel a part of . So any comments or suggestions are welcomed at this point. I hope you like it and visit often. Drivers page Pics, and a NASCAR & Dirt news link, URC Sprint Pics, news results, and area tracks special events, too.
See you at the track!
Bonnie Nibblett


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